Thursday, September 22, 2011

WMS Bluebird error code definitions

The following are some of the WMS error codes, not all. Some are pretty much self explanatory such as “coin acceptor jam” which is a physical coin jam in the coin-in optic or a foreign object obstructing the optic. Another few would be “printer COM error” in which the printer lost communication with the game, a “printer paper jam,” clear the paper that is stuck inside of the printer. “Bill jam,” clear the bill or ticket that may be stuck inside of the bill acceptor. 

Here are errors and definitions that aren’t so common:
Touch Screen Data Error–the touch screen controller sent invalid information to the CPU board
Touch Screen Device error–the touch screen controller had an initialization error
PREPART DSS Signature Validation failed–check to see if the non-conductive battery tabs were removed from the CPU battery holder, make sure the CF cards are snug and secure, and in the proper sockets.
Protocol Com Error–a communication port error, check host communication settings
Progressive Disabled–the game has received progressive info from the controller, and is waiting for the controller to enable game play OR the game lost communication with the progressive controller.
Printer Timeout Error– the ticket print started OK but a “ticket complete flag” was not received.
Printer Not Set–the game options may need setup for the printer
Printer Offline–check the printer cable to see if the connection is loose or if the cable is damaged
Printer Device Error–may be a printer head failure, a voltage problem, or a temperature problem
IGM Bad Firmware Version–software in the progressive meter isn’t the correct version 
In Game Meter Config Error–the progressive meter wasn’t able to configure itself properly or the meter may not be supporting all of the different levels in the physical display, also check the software version
Double Call Attendant–if two separate “call attendant” messages are displayed, the BIOS chip may need to be replaced, the SPI chip or the CPU may need to be replaced.
EPROM System Error–an invalid signature identification was detected, the game needs a RAM clear or the CPU may need to be replaced.
Lamp Matrix Command Timeout–the lamp matrix didn’t respond to the command sent, the lamp matrix control board may need to be replaced
Power Cycle Required–device settings were changed in the game options, reboot the game.
Power Reset–this is displayed after the game was rebooted and it hasn’t been played yet, after one spin, the error clears.
Single Row Universal Animator Command Timeout–the Universal Animator Button, such as the 
 “Bonus bet Fish button” on a “Goldfish” game, didn’t respond to the command that was sent. The button, button board, or CAT5 cable or cables may need to be replaced.
Assert Fail–check RAM clear chip, check CPU, check memory card check software. Could be a bad OS card or a bad game card.
20-Line Payline Command Timeout– the payline lights didn’t respond to the command sent, check CAT5 cables and connections that run to and from the board, the payline light board may need to be replaced.
Mech Reels Bad Command Response–internal failure of the reel board, the board may need to be replaced.
Mech Reels Bad Firmware Version–the reel software is incompatible with the game software.
Mech Reels Bad Optic Band Reel–the reel optic film may be dirty or damaged.
Mech Reels Invalid Opto At Stop Reel–the optic film strip number of the stop positions doesn’t match the game requirement, the correct optic film may need installed and a pay table test will need to be performed.
NVRAM Device Error–an improper device or non-functional device was detected.
NVRAM System Error–an invalid signature identification was detected, a RAM clear needs to be done or the CPU board may need to be replaced.
NVRAM Corruption–RAM error, turn attendant key twice for a restart, perform a RAM clear or replace the CPU board.
Program Error–a program detected an unrecoverable error, similar to RAM error, turn attendant key twice to restart game, a RAM clear may be needed.

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  1. Can anyway tell me how to fix a bill validator comms error?